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International Services:

car export

Vehicle Shipping

We simplified and facilitated the import export shipping process. We are able to coordinate from local USA dealers as well as from private collectors, we then take care of all of the logistics of collection of vehicles and transport them to our nearest loading facility. Can collect any vehicle in any condition from any location in the USA or Canada.

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second vehicle

Military POV Transport

We provide global shipping solutions for Military/Government while relocating Your Second POV. Known primarily for our expertise in classic car and new vehicle transportation, we also have vast experience in handling Military Shipping POV. We offer regular car collection services in all 50 states to meet up with our regular services from all main US ports.

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specialty freight

Boat, RV & Oversized

We have no boundaries when it comes on container shipping or oversize cargo shipping. Auto shipping is only one of our divisions. Shipping oversize cargo from one zone of the world to the other can be a mighty challenge. Shipping your boat, RV or oversized equipment is not too complicated if you have the right information. with no job too big or too small allow us to do the work for you.

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Inland Transport

Our experienced staff is capable to collect and handle all logistics of the transport for any vehicle in any condition and in any location. We are able to offer open Carrier, enclosed trailer, flat bed, low boy trailer to relocate any vehicle that you may have the need to transport.

Warehouse and Loading

With our strategic locations thourghout the USA we are able to provide you with the most affordable option for your needs. We have loading facilities located in Los Angeles California, Houston Texas, Savannah Georgia, New York, New York.

Ocean Freight

Direct Express is fully bonded and licensed Non-Vessel Operating Commong Carrier and Freight Forwarder (NVOCC). We offer weekly consolidated services to Europe Australia and New Zealand. Other destiantion available upon request.

Air Freight

Need to have your special vehicle transported for scheduled auto shows overseas? We are able to expedite and facilitate the air freight to ensure that you have your baby arrives at its destination at the time that is supposed to be there.

Military POV Shipping

Serving our service members. Have a second POV that you would like to have transoirted to your relocation station? We are here to assist. We are able to safely have your vehicle transported to Europe and back to the USA.

RV's & Oversized

RVs, motorhomes, coaches, buses, fifth wheel trailers, construction equipment, agriculture equipment. Sometimes transporting or Shipping your RV / Camper makes more sense than driving it yourself.

Motorcycle Shipping

We can transport your bike from anywhere in the country! We offer door-to-door service in insured and enclosed air-ride trucks. Loaded on and strapped securely with two soft tie-downs to protect fragile parts, and stabilize your motorcycle in an upright position to be safely transported.

Boat Shipping

Special Projects are our passion and is what we do best. Whether it is a small jet-ski to a large yacht DEI will make sure that your cargo arrives at its destination safe and sound. We focus on all the small details in order to ensure a safe delivery of your freight. Boat transport for Less Cash is what we do best!

Household Goods

Personal belongings, household goods, auto parts, boxes, crates, pallets, furniture, appliances, commercial cargo, manufactured goods that need to be shipped overseas, DEI will help you with all our shipping needs to ensure a safe, fast, and efficient move for your shipment.

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What makes us unique is our experience with once in a life time events and opportunities that we have been entrusted with by our exceptional clientele. Providing Direct Express, Inc with the opportunity to always go above and beyond, delivering the upmost results and meeting each of our customers’ expectations. Direct Express, Inc., the leader in classic car shipping.

Your #1 Export & Import Auto Transport Expert!

Welcome and thank you for the opportunity to provide you with our comprehensive ocean transportation services. Direct Express Inc is a bonded/insured ocean freight carrier (NVOCC) offering containerized consolidations to Europe, Australia and New Zealand and full container loads to Far East, Middle East and Latin America. Since 1988 we have been simplifying the shipping process and providing innovative logistic solutions to all of our clients worldwide that have interest and a passion for all types of classic american vehicles, pick-up trucks, convertibles, wagons, vans, Rvs, motorcyles, jetski, boats and yachts. A leader amongst shipping companies, we provide you with innovative logistic solutions for all of your needs.

Direct Express specializes in the safe loading and international transport of cars, autos, trucks, motorcycles, watercraft. For All of your Classic, Luxury, Sports, Vintage, Restoration Project Cars Enthusiasts living across the world that need assistance in the colletion and transport of their vehicle. We understand that sometimes love and attention are needed for special projects. We ensure to not cut any corners in order to provide the best transport service and help bringing their dream closer to them.

We also carry a wide variety of personal and commercial cargo. We have a long-standing commitment to the shipping community. Pioneering multiple-vehicle container loading techniques, Direct Express utilizes custom wooden ramps as well as the state of the art metal R-Raks. Our own trained professional personnel can answer questions concerning your upcoming export, shipment. Unique Direct Express loading methods maximize container space, thus saving you money on freight costs.

Direct Express, Inc is your one stop shipping logistics provider.
Our Services included shipping from United States of America "USA", Canada and many more.

✓ West Coast Car Shipper
✓ East Coast Car Shipper
✓ Central Plains Car Shipper
✓ Southern Golf Car Shipper

Did you know Direct Express, Inc offers the following services?:

✓ Container Dray
✓ Container Loading
✓ Container Unloading
✓ Air Import
✓ Cargo Palletizing
✓ Cargo Crating
✓ Flat Racks
✓ Ocean Export
✓ DMV Title Assistance
✓ RORO Services
✓ Oversize Cargo
✓ 5th Wheelers

✓ Towing Transport
✓ Flat Bed Transport
✓ Open Car Carrier
✓ Enclosed Car Carrier
✓ AES Filing
✓ ISF Filing
✓ ATA Carnets
✓ Motorhomes
✓ Heavy Machinery
✓ RV's
✓ Marine Insurance

✓ Temporary Import Bonds (TIB)
✓ Full Containers
✓ Consolidated Containers
✓ Commercial Cargo
✓ Ocean Import
✓ Household Goods Moving
✓ Personal Effects Moving
✓ US Customs Validations
✓ Airstream Trailers
✓ Container Trans-Loading
✓ Special Events ROUTE 66

Shipping Any Car, Any Condition, Any Location.

✓ Atlanta, GA
✓ Baltimore, MD
✓ Charleston, SC
✓ Charlotte, NC
✓ Chicago, IL
✓ Dallas, TX
✓ Denver, CO
✓ Detroit, MI
✓ Houston, TX
✓ Jacksonville, FL

✓ Los Angeles, CA
✓ Las Vegas, NV
✓ Miami, FL
✓ Mobile, AL
✓ Montreal, Canada
✓ Nashville, TN
✓ New Orleans, LA
✓ New York, NY
✓ Norfolk, VA
✓ Oakland, CA

✓ Oklahoma City, OK
✓ Orlando, FL
✓ Phoenix, AZ
✓ Salt Lake City, UT
✓ San Diego, CA
✓ San Francisco, CA
✓ Savannah, GA
✓ Seattle/Tacoma, WA
✓ Tampa, FL
✓ Toronto, Canada
✓ Vancouver, Canada
✓ And More!

Destinations we provide service to:

✓ Argentina
✓ Albania
✓ Australia
✓ Austria
✓ Belgium
✓ Brazil
✓ Bulgaria
✓ China
✓ Chile
✓ Colombia
✓ Croatia
✓ Curacao
✓ Czech Republic
✓ Denmark
✓ Ecuador
✓ England
✓ France
✓ French Guiana
✓ French Polynesia
✓ Finland
✓ Fiji
✓ Germany

✓ Georgia
✓ Greece
✓ Guam
✓ Hungary
✓ Iceland
✓ Indonesia
✓ Ireland
✓ Israel
✓ Italy
✓ Japan
✓ Luxembourg
✓ Malaysia
✓ Malta
✓ Monaco
✓ Montenegro
✓ Morocco
✓ Myanmar
✓ New Caledonia
✓ New Zealand
✓ Norway
✓ Papua New Guinea
✓ Paraguay
✓ Peru
✓ Philippines

✓ Poland
✓ Portugal
✓ Romania
✓ Samoa
✓ Saudi Arabia
✓ Senegal
✓ Spain
✓ South Africa
✓ South Korea
✓ Sweden
✓ Switzerland
✓ Thailand
✓ The Netherlands
✓ Turkey
✓ United Arab Emirates
✓ United Kingdom
✓ Uruguay
✓ Vatican City
✓ Vietnam
✓ And Many More Upon Request!

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