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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I prepare my vehicle for export?

Please make sure your car comes 1) With the Original Title; 2) With less than 1/4th tank of gas; 3) Clean; and 4) Free of personal items. Also ensure that your running vehicle has enough anti-freeze or that your non-runner's reservoir is empty. DEI will not take responsibility for frozen engine blocks.

Does Direct Express import?

Yes, Direct Express,Inc can handle all your export as well as your import shipments.

To where does DEI ship?

DEI ships mainly to Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and the Far East.

How many cars can I fit in a container?

Direct Express uses innovative, state-of-the-art technology to maximize the economy of your shipment. We can fit up to four midsize cars in a 40-foot container which are blocked and braced to ensure that your shipment arrives safely. Please contact Direct Express for more information on shipping other goods.

My car is outside of the Los Angeles area. Can DEI bring my car to LA?

Yes, please call us for a trucking rate. we can transport your vehicle to our nearest loading facility in Los Angeles CA, Houston TX, Jacksonville FL and New York NY.

My car doesn't run. Is that a problem?

No problem! As long as your car steers, rolls, and brakes, we will be able to load it.

How much does Direct Express charge to ship my car?

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What methods of payment does Direct Express accept?

Direct Express accepts Cash, Bank Wires, and most forms of checks. No credit cards are accepted.

Can I pay for my shipment at its destination?

All shipments must be prepaid prior to the arrival of the ship. No collect shipments.

How long will my shipment take to reach its destination?

For most shipments in and around Europe, your container will reach its desired destination in approximately 30-40 days. For schedules to other areas, please call us.

Do you ship from other ports in the United States?

Yes, DEI exports vehicles from Los Angeles CA, Houston TX, Jacksonville FL, New York NY, but we can also truck your cars to other major ports. Please call us for rates.

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