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Car Finder Assistance and Auto Export from U.S.A.

We can help you locate that vehicle that you are seeking in the United States..

Not only do we offer containerized vehicle shipping worldwide, but we also are able to assist you purchase the vehicle that you have been looking for. We have a large network of car dealers across the country we are able to assist you find that rare vehicle. If you are seeking to find that hard to find classic, luxury sports car that has been eluding you we are here to help. We are able to put you in direct contact with sellers that specialize in the selling the type of vehicle you are looking to purchase.

Since 1988 Direct Express Inc has been able to assist people overseas find the vehicle that they have been looking for. We provide assistance in the purchase, transportation and international shipping in consolidated containerized overseas.

With our custom loading methods we are able to maximize available space ensuring the safe transport of your freight.

Having the right representative in the U.S.A. to make all of the necessary arrangements makes all of the difference in the world. We are able to collect any Trailers in any location in the USA and ship over to you in Europe Australia or New Zealand. Other Destinations are also available upon request.
From the initial contact to the supplier, the collection of the RV inland transport, loading and bracing of the machienry clearing with U.S Customs and loading unto vessel. We make sure that you are well informed and feel confident that your boat is being taken proper care of is of the up-most importance. We understand the importance of small details when it comes to the transportation of Trailers. We have passion and love what we do. The successful transport of your cargo is our main goal as well as our top priority.

For additional Information for assitance in finding vehicles in the USA and shipping cars Internationally or if you have any questions.

Contact us to acquire your very own custom made shipping quote from one of our professional staff members. Feel free to contact us via button below or give us a call at TEL: +001 310 324 2100.

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