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Export USA vehicle and Import to Australia

Importing vehicles to Australia is very simple, cost-affordable and efficient. Whether you are transporting your very own personal vehicle, have recently purchased your dream vehicle in the United States or are a retailer in Ausralia. We are able to come up with your very own personalized logistic plan in order to provide you with the best possible transport service and experience. It is an exciting time to be a motor head that loves American muscle cars and classic vehicles from the USA. With the upcoming new legislature expanding the importation of American made vehicles this will allow for more vehicles to be eligible for exportation from the United States into Australia. We offer high quality white glove service at affordable cost. We can collect any type of motor vehicle along with freight and auto parts from any location in the United States and Canada.

Having the right representative in the U.S.A. to make all of the necessary arrangements makes all of the difference in the world. Ourselves being car enthusiast and machine heads we understad the love for the era and its vehicles. From the initial contact to the supplier, the collection, clearing with U.S Customs and loading unto vessel. We make sure that you are well informed and feel confident that your vehicle is being taken proper care of is of the up-most importance. As car enthusiasts we understand the importance of small details when it comes to the transportation of vehicles. We have passion and love what we do. The successful transport of your cargo is our main goal as well as our top priority.

We have a network of truckers throughout the entire United States which allows us to collect the vehicle even if it is located in remote areas. We are also able to collect vehicles in Alaska and Hawaii bring them to our facility and have it loaded in one of our consolidated containers to Australia Sydneywhich sail weekly.

Major Australia Destinations we service:

✓ Sydney
✓ Melbourne
✓ Gold Coast

✓ Brisbane
✓ Perth
✓ Newcastle

✓ Fremantle
✓ Adelaide
✓ Canberra

In order to export any vehicle from the U.S., we will require the following in order to meet US Custom regulations:

★ Original Title/MSO
★ Completed SLI & POA form
★ Copy of Passport
★ Commercial Invoice / Bill of Sale (official DMV template available on request)

Exciting new Epoch for VEHICLE IMPORTS in Australia

Rolling 25 year Rule replacing the pre 1989 scheme.

Motorheads and car enthusiasts are welcoming the much awaited rolling "25-year rule", which replaces the pre-1989 rule as the threshold for classic vehicles. In the past only vehicles that were fabricated prior to 1989 were eligible to be imported into Australia. In effect, classic car enthusiasts now have access to any vehicles that are 25 years or older, opening up vehicles manufactured in or before 1994.

The Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (SEVS) went through a much needed upgrade, with the new scheme ensuring that enthusiasts can now import a far greater range of makes, models and vehicles. Another new vehicle class gives aficionados far more eminent access to EVs and Hybrid vehicles.

Finally, left-hand drive rare and exotic vehicles have been approved for use on Australia streets.Previously-ineligible vehicles of existing models sold new in Australia can now be imported, providing they meet the new SEVS criteria. Most importantly, the new scheme is more robust, with each imported vehicle now undergoing a process of physical inspection and provenance verification by a third party prior to approval in Australia for road use.

We are speaking of thousands of vehicles that now can enter the Australia border. A True Paradise for the classic car enthusiast and lover.


Shipping For Australia & New Zealand we provide additional services such as:

✓ AC Degas Certification
★ Australia

✓ Asbestos Testing Certification
★ Australia

✓ Wheel Removal
★ Australia

✓ Brake Removal
★ Australia

✓ Car Washing
★ Australia / New Zealand

✓ Container Fumigation
★ Australia / New Zealand / Others

For additional Information for shipping autos to Australia or if you have any questions.

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